We asked the Saski Team to apologise to their mums this mothers day...

We asked the Saski Team to apologise to their mums this mothers day...

As you may or may not know (hopefully you do...) Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, and we wanted to do something special to show appreciation to all the mum's who've had to put up with some crazy shenanigans over the years.

So here is the deal: write in and tell us something you've put your poor mum through, and we will pick the top 3 to each receive a $500 voucher to share with their mum, in a hope to try make up for what you put them through 🤪

We asked the Saski Team to share some of their favourite troublesome moments to make you feel better as well..

P.S. We understand mother's day may be a sensitive occasion for some of you, and if you'd like to submit a story about your closest 'mother' figure we'd love to hear it as well ❤️ 


Congratulations to our three winners:

Dear Mum,

I’m sorry for changing all the numbers in your phone to my friends numbers, so when you texted their parents asking if I was at their house my friends could reply and say I was, when really I was god knows where. I’m also sorry for sneaking out and going to every after party I wasn’t allowed to go to, and for also never admitting it until now. Love you mum xx"

Ellie Stephens


" Dear Mum, 

Sorry about the time when I put a pizza in the oven drunk and left it in the pizza box and Set fire to the oven and broke it 😂😭 Love you xx"

Bailey Haslam


" Dear Mum,

I’m sorry my sleep walking was so bad that I walked to the park In the middle of the night but thanks for following me there to make sure I was safe xx"

Aimee Hewson


Mothers Day Giveaway


"Dear Mum,

I’m sorry about that time I forgot I had turned the bath on and went out to play with my friends on the street and then came home to water coming through the kitchen ceiling lights and flooding the entire upstairs bathroom. I’m sorry for then denying that I turned the bath on and making you think that you were going mad and had turned it on yourself. At least we got new carpet right? XX"

- Steph McCarthy, Office & Warehouse Assistant



Totes sorry about that time I stole your car and smashed the front headlight............thank-you for not sending me to boarding school. I think?" 

Crystal McMahon, Head of Customer Service


 "Dear Mum,

 I'm sorry for setting the benchmark so high as the perfect child, especially since you went on to have 6 more children... Love you"

- Amy Hembrow, Brand Manager


"To my dad who also had to be my mum,

I'd like to apologise for throwing out the lunches you handmade for me every morning, all through year 1-12 of school. I'm also sorry for stealing money from your car/pants to instead buy junk food from the tuckshop. If it makes you feel better I regularly look back at all the food I wasted and wish I had it to eat at work...

P.S. Thank you for successfully pulling off the role of mother and father, you're a legend.

- Isabella Laws, Marketing Coordinator



I’m sorry for that one Mother’s Day when we all went out for lunch and Kristi and I decided it would be a hilarious idea to tell you and grandma that Kristis pregnant at 18 years old (she wasn’t and grandma cried) safe to say we’re the worst children ever and thanks for putting up with us. 

Charli Lasker, Warehouse Assistant



I apologise for the dry sense of humour I grew into. And then apologise that you don't get when I'm being my funny loud self. And also that it offends you. But I don't apologise for loving you!

Arley Hitchen, Warehouse Assistant



I'm sorry for pretending to be sick at school just so you'd buy me salted chips and watch movies with me all day <3

Hannah Todd, Office Assistant

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