Team Bonding at Saski Collection

Team Bonding at Saski Collection

Team bonding is one of the most important exercises to encourage a positive work environment. As mentioned by Forbes, "Team bonding builds trust, encourages communication and reduces conflict." 

At Saski Collection, we believe that investing in group activities for our team increases our company culture. Statistics show that creating healthy work relationships We aim to get our whole team together once a month. This way, we have time to plan and execute the event perfectly ensuring that everyone is engaged and most importantly excited!

Our most recent team bonding activities include:

Paint & Sip 

One of our favourite activities to date, a paint and sip session where we painted vases and drank wine!


Reformer Pilates

A few of the girls at Saski started reformer pilates and thought the whole team should try! Safe to say we are all obsessed with pilates now. 


Rebound Trampoline Workout

If you are looking for an activity to get the team laughing and outside of their comfort zone, we recommend a rebound class, it had our team in stitches! 

Our team bonding does not stop here! Some of our next activities we have planned in the coming months are aquasplash, bowling, another paint and sip and aerial yoga. Keep an eye on our Linked In  for more! 




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