SUPPLEMENTS // Tammy's Favourites

SUPPLEMENTS // Tammy's Favourites

Tammy’s active lifestyle doesn’t just include training at the gym, she knows a well rounded routine includes a range of components that come together to deliver the best result. Obviously being active and committed at the gym is a huge part of her success, but she needs to make sure she is fuelling her body and muscles for quick recovery and enhanced performance when she’s working out. 


This is where supplements come in. Tammy knows that supplements give her body the support it needs to reach her goals. You might already know that Tammy is an ambassador for Women’s Best, they’re products she loves and genuinely uses every day. Some of her favourites include their Vegan Protein, Protein Spread, Protein Pudding, Cookies and Cream and crunchy Almond Butter.


Tammy recently collaborated with Women's Best to create her own limited edition Honeydew flavour BCAA, a product she loves because it tastes great AND it's an essential component that supports her lean muscle gain goals and prevents muscle loss even while she’s dieting.


What are BCAAs? 

BCAA is an abbreviation for “branched chain amino acids“, which includes the three essential amino-acids Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine. When glycogen stores run low, the body relies on the three types of BCAAs for fuel.


Now, essential amino-acids cannot be produced by the body itself and need to be ingested with food. When this happens the amino-acids are processed by the liver and transported to our muscles via the blood stream. 


What’s great about BCAAs is that they can be absorbed by our muscles directly and are immediately available for providing energy. They also help promote muscle growth and repair and reduce muscle soreness after exercise.


When does Tammy take them?

Tammy takes her BCAAs to the gym and uses them throughout her workout, to stay hydrated and provide nutrients to her body exactly when it needs them. During intense exercise, the muscles tear slightly and then repair, growing stronger in the process—and that's when the body need BCAAs. So Tammy would use BCAAs for strength and interval training, rather than a brisk walk on the treadmill.  

Like anything fitness related, always consult your doctor before trying new supplements because they can affect everyone differently and make sure to do your own research.


You can check out Tammy's BCAA's and her favourite supplements here:

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