Saski Mother's Day Gift Guide

Saski Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day is right around the corner and we thought we would put together a list of gift ideas for the superwomen in your life. 
Doterra - Essential Oil Diffuser and Oils
Mum's deserve to relax! An essential oil diffuser is one way to wind down after a long day. 
Saski Gift Card 
If you are looking for something simple yet personal, our gift cards are the perfect present! Mum's love wearing activewear everywhere! 



HomeBodii Lux Robe
If there is one thing that a mum needs in their life, it's a robe. To put it simply, nothing else says comfortable and cozy. 

A Bathhouse Experience 
A bathhouse is a great present if you are looking for something to do with the special women in your life.  Most bathhouses offer spas, massages, meditation and even a sip and soak package. 

Anything Personalised 
Whether its a personalised phone case or engraved necklace, we all know mums love anything that reminds them of their loved ones. 

Matching Mum and Mini Sets
If your mum is the type to appreciate matching sets then our towelling sets are the perfect gift this Mother's day. 

A big Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there, we recognise you, we love you and we appreciate you!

P.S We are offering 20% off our Towelling Collection this Mothers Day from 12:00am May 9th - 12:00pm May 10th! 
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