Saski Collection Takes a Stand Against Bullying

Saski Collection Takes a Stand Against Bullying

At Saski Collection we’re taking a stand against bullying this National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, and hope all of our customers and followers will join us in the fight against the harassment and intimidation of others. Bullying prevention is everyone’s responsibility and at Saski we have a zero tolerance attitude towards bullying, promoting a positive environment in the office and warehouse, as well as on our social channels.

Tammy’s had to develop an extremely thick skin to ignore and rise above the daily cyber bullying that is thrown her way. People attack physical attributes like her body and face, but also extremely personal things like her parenting style and her family, which can be extremely hurtful.


She and all of us as Saski want everyone to know that bullying is not ok, and if you are being bullied on or offline, we want you to know that you’re not alone and you should speak out too and ask for help and support from those around you. Don’t let the bullies win by silencing your voice.


Unfortunately, we have all experienced bullying in our lives either in person or online, so we have made a conscious effort to make the Saski workplace an open environment where people can share their experiences and ask for support when they’re feeling like someone’s online actions are getting them down.

We extend this policy to our social channels and promote a community of positivity and support among all the Saski Girls. We encourage everyone to commend each others efforts for reaching or continuing to work toward their goals, which is why we post so many photos that people send to us, so fellow fans can share the love and promote an online culture that is supportive rather than destructive.


We want to do our part to reduce any stigma around speaking out against a bully, because research has shown that speaking out can make the bullying stop.

Tammy joined Channel Ten’s The Project team last night, in their anti bullying campaign employing people to speak even if their voice shakes.

Today is the perfect day to start a conversation about bullying, because it might just encourage someone close to you to open up about his or her situation, when they are starting to lose hope. Support like this can save lives, so be kind on and offline and join us in taking action against bullying.


You can check out The Project's campaign via the links below:




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