If you didn't know it already, our CEO Tammy Hembrow also has her own fitness app, TammyFit. The best thing about it is you get to see our Saski clothes in motion, with all the workouts filmed in Saski - (if you were wondering if they were squat proof, here is the proof).

TammyFit is a new way to set goals, work out and track progress. With hundreds of video tutorials and healthy recipes, you can create a weekly workout schedule that's tailored to you!

We sat down and asked Tammy what her three favourite workouts were from the TammyFit app (no surprise they're all glute exercises) 🍑🍑

1. Cable Kickbacks

Targets: Glutes



2. Hip Thrusts

Targets: Glute, Hamstring, Quads



3. Glute Pull Through

Targets: Glutes



TammyFit will be available on Android soon! You can sign up for the waitlist here

If you sign up you will be invited to an exclusive Facebook group, where Tammy will be sharing previews of what’s to come on Android, messages & videos from Tammy, early access to the app, as well as prizes for some lucky winners (maybe some Saski Collection too..)!