Meet the Saski Team: Charley

Meet the Saski Team: Charley

1. What is your name and what do you do at Saski Collection?

Charley Carter and I am a warehouse assistant at Saski Collection.

2. What is your favourite piece from Saski?

My favourite piece from Saski would definitely be from the Originals collection! I love an all black workout fit, so I love the black high waisted leggings paired with the black sports bra and crop top.ย 

3. What experience do you have and did it prepare you for Saski?

I have never worked in a warehouse before but I have worked in the Clothing retail industry for 5 years. This helped me prepare for my role within the Saski team as I have prior knowledge of fit, sizing and quality of fabrics.ย 

4. What made you want to work for Saski?

I wanted to work at Saski because I was looking at a change of scenery from the retail industry and loved the idea of working in a powerful, up lifting and energetic workplace environment.

5. What are you watching on Netflix at the moment?

I am loving morning wars right now on Apple TV plus if that counts ๐Ÿ˜‰

6. What is your favourite part about your role?ย 

My favourite part about my role is that there is always a task to be done which keeps me busy and that the team and I all get along so well - working with your friends is definitely a plus!ย 

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