How we prepare for a Saski Photoshoot!

How we prepare for a Saski Photoshoot!

After we’ve finished designing the new collection, tested the samples and almost ready to launch we get to have some fun on set at the photoshoot. The shoot really drives home the concept of the collection that was developed way back when Tammy started designing and it’s great to be able to bring it to life. We wanted to give you a rundown on what goes on behind the scenes at Saski Collection to make sure we’re ready to shoot a new collection.


  1. Decide on a concept for the shoot, and create a vision/mood board.
  • Depending on what we’re shooting (one particular product, an entire collection, a competition etc) the team will have a marketing meeting to decide what the concept of the shoot will be. For example, when we launched the Pastels collection we wanted the shoot to have a very sweet and 90s feel, while for the Track collection we wanted the photos to be really minimalistic to let the new colours and designs shine through.


  1. Contact our photographer.
  • Once we have the initial concept idea in mind, we need to lock in dates for the shoot. We love our photographer Carlene, aka Studio Flamingo so we also take the time to communicate our ideas to her so she can prepare for the day and bring ideas to the table as well.


  1. Select the models
  • Tammy is always a major feature in the Saski Collection campaigns, however we will often also ask her sisters/friends to come on board to help depending on how many looks we’re shooting.


  1. Choose our location
  • Once we’ve locked in our concept, photographer and models – we start brainstorming location ideas. We usually shoot locally, so Bella will research locations around the Gold Coast/Brisbane region, however we will also get ideas from our photographer Carlene as she has lots of secret spots that look amazing. We more often than not shoot in the studio for product shots because it’s that offers a very controlled environment, so Bella needs to make sure the studio is available the same date and time as Tammy and Carlene!


  1. Organise hair, makeup, props and accessories
  • Depending on whether or not we’ve got a stylist for the shoot, we will begin organising hair, makeup, props and accessories. Kiki Hair Extensions will usually style Tammy’s hair and Tammy prefers to do her own makeup. Tammy also likes to accessorise herself the majority of the time, and will pull shoes, jewellery, bags etc.. from her own wardrobe to complete the looks. However if we do choose to use a stylist they often loan or buy pieces depending on the concept for the shoot.


  1. Prepare the clothes, props etc..
  • Before the shoot we need to ensure that all the samples of what we’re shooting are available and on hand, as well as any extras if we’re shooting multiple people and in case of any accidents on the day. We also need to gather all accessories, props etc.. so that they’re packed up and ready to go come shoot day. We’ll do an inventory of what’s required and cross check that with what’s been packed, to avoid last minute running around.


  1. Prepare a contact sheet and a run sheet for the shoot day
  • You’d be surprised how many people are involved on a shoot, even if it’s relatively small. This can include team members like Tammy, Amy and Bella, the hairstylist, photographer, location contacts, additional models etc.. anything can happen especially when working and traveling between locations, so it’s best to be organised and make sure everyone has each others details just in case! The run sheet will list everything from when each person is expected to arrive on set, when we’re starting hair/makeup, when shooting is due to commence, how many looks we need to get through, lunch breaks and if we’re changing locations.


  1. It’s shoot day
  • Usually Tammy, Amy and Bella will meet up first thing for hair/makeup and a have quick meeting about how the day should run and then get on with it! With all the preparation we hope things go smoothly, but we like to see where the creativity is at on the day and go with the flow if we need to, doing our best to have fun along the way!


And that’s it! Every shoot is different, and not everything goes smoothly, but if you put the preparation in early and follow the necessary checklists, you’re setting yourself up for success. We’ve planned photoshoots weeks in advance and we’ve also had last minute shoots with 2 days prep – so it’s best to follow a basic formula so that if something does pop up unexpectedly you can be adaptable, collaborate with those around you and produce something you’re proud of.

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