How the Saski office encourages a creative and positive work culture!

How the Saski office encourages a creative and positive work culture!

When we realised we’d be opening an office space for Saski Collection, thoughts immediately went to design. Which isn’t surprising considering we’re a clothing label, but like the clothes we make, our office had to do a lot more than just look pretty. The space had to not only look amazing, but it had to feel good and encourage collaborative, creative work. 

Trust the experts
It was really important to Tammy to get it right from the start, which is why she reached out to The Block’s design duo Alisa & Lysandra to create a space that evokes great culture, where people simply love to come to work. It was important to make sure that the design aspects of the space reflected Tammy’s own personal style, as well as being functional.

Accentuate the positive
It’s no secret that a positive and uplifting environment does wonders for your creativity and your attitude. Studies have shown that even wall colour can affect your mood (no black walls in this office!) A positive environment equates to a positive state of mind, and you’re far more likely to feel stimulated in an aesthetically pleasing office space. Which is what we’ve worked towards creating. 

We also wanted to enhance and bring in as much natural light as possible, so used skylights and windows as much as we could. People that are able to work in natural light experience less anxiety, are less moody and unsurprisingly can see better! All which are big plusses in a high-energy office environment. 

Let’s get together
Along with a stunning visual affect, we also wanted to create a collaborative working environment, to further strengthen our growing team. It was important for us to maintain the closeness that we’ve achieved in the fledgling stages of the business, but we also wanted new people to feel a part of the team from the start, and office design can play a huge part here. The way the workspace is designed as a big open plan area with a communal desk in the middle, as well as our iMacs along the walls means we can easily share ideas and work on projects together, rather than anyone feeling isolated. 

Prior to commencing the fit out our research showed us that a collaborative workspace reduces stress and depression and boosts your overall mood. With the launch of the business there was definitely a lot of stress and high pressure moments, but by having a space that encouraged us to work together, enabled us to share the load and feel like we were all in it together. And as much as we share the stresses, it also allows us to share the wins! 

Finishing touches
We played on colour and texture in all the finishes and furnishings, from timber wall panelling, hanging chairs and marble whiteboards and feel the space reflects our vision perfectly. Accessorising can make or break a space and it’s also easy to mix it up if we feel like a change. 

Along with natural light we also wanted to bring the outside in with fresh cut flowers, and as a result beautiful arrangements are sent over every week. We let the our florists create something for us based on what is in season at the time and it’s amazing how uplifting having gorgeous fresh blooms in the office can be. The constant change and having the new and unique flowers or greenery in the workspace also freshens everyone’s mood and outlook for the week ahead. 

Since we’re a relatively new business and brand, it was a great opportunity to feed all that positive energy into a beautiful workspace. Now the project is complete and we’ve moved in, it’s allowed us to continue and build on that momentum and there is an interesting combination of enthusiasm and also comfort when we’re here. It is just another piece of the puzzle that is building the culture at Saski Collection into something we are all so proud of.

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