On this weeks blog we thought we'd give you a lil more about our team here at Saski HQ! So we asked you guys on our Instagram " What you would like to know about our team members at Saski HQ?".  

How we got our job at Saski ?

Bella - Tammy is one of my oldest and closest friends, and before the launch of Saski Collection I had been in contact with her about possibly becoming her personal assistant. We had been going back and forth quite a bit before she then realised I'd be the perfect fit for the customer service/marketing role at Saski Collection which she was planning on launching in the coming months. Since then I've grown with the business and at the end of 2019 was promoted to General Manager!

Han - I had outgrown my previous job industry and knew I wanted to move on. I messaged Bella every week for months asking for an interview. Once I got my foot in the door I knew this was exactly where I needed to be to grow and expand my skills. I accepted the role of Office Assistant and in the first year got promoted to Tammy's PA and then her IG Account Manager. I have never looked back since!  

Tia - After graduating from University with my degree & having a couple of internships under my belt I was looking everyday for opening positions in marketing! I'd seen that Bella had been promoted to GM so took a chance and emailed her through my resume & portfolio with past work I've done with hopes that there would be an opening in my field!

Bailee - I saw a customer service position advertised on Linkedin and applied instantly as I was almost at the end of my degree, I thought this would be the perfect job to kick start a career in the fashion e-commerce industry!

Amy - I had worked with Bella at my previous job where I excelled at managing stock. Bella messaged me when they were looking for an Operations Assistant and it was a perfect fit.  From there I have grown the warehouse team and taken on the roll of Operations Manager.

How do we handle pressure or stress?

As we're a close team we all support each-other and undertsand the pressures of each job role, we know the importance of supporting our team members when they need it! Bouncing off each other and having support next to you everyday is so important!

How many people work at Saski HQ?

All together there is 10 of us! 4 in the Office and 6 in the warehouse.

Our ages?

Our age range varies throughout the office/warehouse so our ages range from 20-35.

Who's the most organised? 

We'd have to give this one to Han! She's definitely the most organised which goes hand in hand with her job role! She's also the one that always has her breakfasts & lunches made, a daily schedule, weekly planner and month all scheduled out!

 What do all of your individual roles entail? 

Bella (General Manager): Overseeing daily business activities, improving overall business functions, managing budgets, overseeing the design process & marketing strategy, liaising with manufacturers, suppliers and other business partners.

Han (Tammy's personal Account Manager & EA): Personal assistant duties, schedules, negotiating brand deals, everyday errands, emails, organising travels & events, assisting on photoshoots, managing income & instagram schedules.

Tia (Marketing Coordinator): Manages Saski Collection Instagram, Schedules posts on all social media platforms, Creating EDM campaigns, Designing/coordinating photoshoot concepts including organising models, hair, makeup, photographers and venues, coordinating PR, handling influencer collaborations, developing marketing campaigns, content creation and developing digital marketing strategy & planning.

Amy (Operations Manager): Coordinates stock, manages warehouse staff & schedules, oversees warehouse logistics, orders & stock levels.

Bailee (Customer Service Coordinator & Office Assistant): Customer service emails, exchanges, gathering customer feedback, resolve customer discrepancies, maintain customer records within our data base, assisting brand management tasks, balancing stock levels, organising quality control and appointments.

 Warehouse staff: Charli, Charley, Arley & Daniel

Prepare & Pack all orders, quality control garments, organise stock & warehouse.

 What do you look for in a team member to help your business grow?

 This is a hard one as their are so many different job roles within the business so for an overall we look for someone with initiative, loyalty, time management, is collaborative, creative, driven , motivated and energetic - we have a hectic work environment so energetic people keep the vibe alive and fun!

Favourite things to outside of work?

Love going to the beach, walking our pets, shopping, going to markets, dining at new restaurants, socialising, taking time out to relax and our newest favourite - learning tik tok dances!

Favourite part about our job roles?

Bella : Design meetings with Tammy's, working through the process of picking colours, sketching styles and sourcing fabrics. 

Tia: Designing a photoshoot concept because it lets me be creative and once the shoot day comes around it's so exciting to see my concept come to life!

 Han: Working alongside great friends and motivated people, it really inspires me to do better!

Bailee: Interacting and creating relationships with customers, always love making sure customers have a great purchase experience! 

Amy: Working in a versatile environment with like minded team members, getting to see the new stock when it arrives & playing my fave tunes whilst working!


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