Step 1: previously in 2020…

With so much time having been spent at home this year, have you rediscovered an old passion or maybe found a new one? Have you had the time to learn how to prioritise what you value most or more importantly, weed out things/people which may not be as important?

 To make sure you enter 2021 fresh, clear headed and positive, do a yearly review of where you have been and congratulate yourself on all the accomplishments you have made.

 Ask yourself.

  1. What were the pro’s of this year?
  2. What were the con’s of this year?
  3. What relationships do I want to maintain/work on? Are there any relationships which don’t add value to my life?
  4. What did you wish you took more time to do?


Step 2: Set new goals

We hate to say it but “new year, new you”! What do you want to achieve this year? Did you leave anything unfinished in 2020 that you wish to achieve in this new year? Make these goals achievable and realistic but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself – you’ve got this!

By breaking down your goals into smaller, more achievable milestones, you’re more likely to not only achieve them but appreciate the personal growth process, you will embark on, more. 

Step 3: Absolute no-brainer!!

So, you have your list of goals for 2021 but what do you REALLY want to achieve? From the list, highlight the ONE goal you want to achieve before the end of the year. What is currently in your way and how can you clear your path and re-arrange your priorities for ultimate success?


Step 4: Place yourself at the top of the list

Yes, you have goal but always remember you’re your first priority…always. This year, we urge you to really focus on putting your health and wellbeing first. Take 5 minutes in the morning to sit in silence, write down what you’re grateful for and plan out your day. The only way you’re going to be able to achieve your goals is by ensuring you’re putting your best self(step) forward.

Step 5: Get to it!

No better time than the present… your best year yet starts NOW!


Our fav pro planning tools you need in 2021

 ♡ Planner

♡ Pens

♡ Calendars

♡ Workout apps

♡ Podcasts

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