Saski Collection

Created With Vision

Saski Collection is a luxury athleisure label by fitness mentor Tammy Hembrow. Created to inspire confidence in women inside and outside the gym, Saski activewear is comfortable while working out, while specially designed to compliment your body and enhance your shape as you work towards your goals.

Saski Collection has been created for women with a passion for fitness and fashion, with each piece designed exclusively by Tammy with a focus on both strength and style.

all clothing personally designed by Tammy
high-quality, flexible, breathable material
special fit to enhance your body shape
super comfortable and fashionably stylish
inspiring confidence in and out the gym

Created by Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow launched her personal brand on Instagram before the birth of her first son Wolf. Dedicated to a lifestyle that allowed her body to look and feel its absolute best, Tammy has spent the last few years perfecting her workout techniques and nutrition programs, working through two pregnancies along the way.

With a phenomenal social media presence of 6 million plus followers on Instagram and 660,000 subscribers on YouTube, Tammy’s success is attributed to her honest and open approach to all her social channels, which has allowed her fan base to connect with her on such an intrinsic level. Tammy’s rapid rise to popularity is a testament to her hard work and commitment to the lifestyle she has chosen and the admiration of her fans comes from a desire to learn from her and her range of personally designed programs that give real results.